How To Play

Use your mouse to select items of interest on the screen. Look out for mines, deforestation and clouds. Click them and receive points!

Race against the clock to find as many items as you can. See if you can beat our neural network, and rank on our leaderboards!


Choose between the different maps on the standalone to test the full range of items the network can distinguish between. Can you trick the program?


Download the standalone app to upload your own images, and play on your own maps! We unfortunately can't validate the neural network results, but it's rather good.


Don't be fooled by water or roads, they aren't areas of interest and may cost you vital points! Hint: mines and deforestation are worth double points. Have fun!


Experience the full game and even upload your own images for the convolutional neural network to try!

About Us

Adrian Wong

Developer of all things game, responsible for creation of game mechanics, game UI, interfacing the neural network outputs and packaging and co-developing the Windows launcher.

Craig Massie

Convolutional Neural Network developer, web application creator, and agile development techniques coordinator.

Dan Cristian Cecoi

Convolutional Neural Network developer, with concentration on multi class. Creator of unit tests and all things data.

Eerika Haajanen

Convolutional Neural Network researcher, Windows launcher co-developer and video maker.

Frances Ramirez

Convolutional Neural Network developer, responsible for packaging and developing MacOS lanucher.